i wanna marry harry pool party episode 3 'I Wanna Marry Harry': 'Tacky Jackie' and Meghan keep going at itOn the latest “I Wanna Marry Harry” episode, Jacqueline and Meghan continue to not get along in any way, while the charade about the “prince” continues with a visit from some paparazzi.

Kimberly’s Date

“Harry” takes Kimberly on a hot-air balloon ride, which is awesome, and then a beautiful picnic, which is “crashed” by a “paparazzi” member and the “prince” is rushed away by security. It definitely gives a couple of the girls pause, though it’s hard to tell who actually thinks he’s Prince Harry and who doesn’t.

kelley backflip i wanna marry harry episode 3 'I Wanna Marry Harry': 'Tacky Jackie' and Meghan keep going at itThe Crew Date

But one girl where there is no question is Kelley. She seems fairly convinced that she is living her very own “Notting Hill”-“Princess Diaries”-“The Notebook” rom-com and that she’s going to be the Southern belle who invades Buckingham Palace. It’s a little weird, but Kelley is also so, so sweet and well-meaning that it’s hard to make fun of her.

Though she does hit her head on the boat when she back-flips into the lake out of the rowboat. Yikes, lady. Luckily, and much to Matthew Hicks’ credit, “Harry” dives in after her just in case she really did hit her head hard and is in distress. Good for him.

The Pool Party

There’s a full bar, a DJ, a limbo contest and twerking, so the pool party is a breeding ground for drama. Meghan gets chosen for the special hot tub time and Jackie wastes no time saying, “I’m not shocked that Meghan and her giant boobs got the attention. I just hope he sees her for who she is.”

Meghan and “Harry” have some smoochies in the hot tub (which is like a contractual obligation on shows like this) and then in a lovely move, Meghan comes back from the hot tub and describes the kiss in great detail to the other girls, including hand gestures to indicate what their tongues did. It’s super classy, you guys.

Later, the music kicks up and Chelsea gives twerking lessons, to which “Harry” says, “It’s a dance … of sorts.” Hee! Carley would appear to agree, as she says she’s not going to twerk because she has a niece at home and doesn’t want her niece to see her do that. Super-classy Meghan snots that Carley is a wet blanket. I’m with Carley, girlfriend.

As the party winds down, Maggie continues to be “a drunk,” as Kelley called her last week, and starts wailing away about how Meghan got a kiss and Maggie hasn’t yet. Meghan actually scores a point when she says, “I don’t know if the royal family would really approve of someone getting p***-a** wasted every night.”  Touche, Meghan.

In fact, at dinner, like any person with a solid drinking problem, Maggie keeps insisting she doesn’t have a drinking problem. There’s a reason the first step is admitting you have a problem.

Elimination Station

The two girls singled out for elimination and the Crown Suite are Carley and Karina, with Carley being sent home. She seems cool, but she also seems way less into the process than the other girls, so it makes sense that she would be eliminated.

Best line: “Jackie is not princess material. She’s ‘Tacky Jackie’ and that’s not royal,” says Meghan, with a complete lack of irony.

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