I love The Celebrity Apprentice.

I can’t help it. I watched the second season of The Celebrity Apprentice, premiering Sunday at 9 p.m. on NBC, with unabashed glee. I love Donald Trump’s pomp, pompadour, penchant for hyperbole and unapologetic nepotism. It’s all just so preposterous. This season’s contestants are Clint Black, Andrew Dice Clay, Annie Duke, Tom Green, Natalie Gulbis, Scott Hamilton, Jesse James, Claudia Jordan, Khloe Kardashian, Brian McKnight, Joan Rivers, Melissa Rivers, Brande Roderick, Dennis Rodman, Herschel Walker and Tionne Watkins.

I know what you’re thinking — they’re not even real celebrities. Well I actually don’t think that’s true. Most of them were big stars in their time, most are still successful and even if I can’t convince you of this, I’m here to tell you it doesn’t matter. The show is still so fun. You learn much more about the celebrities than you do in, say, Dancing with the Stars. For instance, Jesse James seems like such a nice guy and Brande Roderick comes off as savvy and kind. But, most importantly, you don’t learn anything you don’t want to know — the show is not nearly as disturbing as practically every series airing on VH-1 right now. Nothing I saw in the premiere made me cringe and cover my eyes.

But why I really think I’m going to enjoy this season is because I love Joan Rivers. I always have. Don’t even try to reason with me about why I shouldn’t think she’s great. The red carpet arrivals got a lot less interesting once Joan was no longer a stop for celebrities. Sure the interviews are kinder and gentler but there also a lot more boring. You never knew what Joan was going to say but you knew she would ask the question everyone was wondering about.

And Joan comes off fabulously in the premiere — thoughtful, gracious and very funny. I’m sure that will change as tension levels rise and the competition gets more serious but I hope Joan last a long time because I so enjoy having her on TV on a weekly basis again.

First up the two teams, divided once again men versus women, have to bake and sell cupcakes. The team with the most money wins. Simple enough but, as usual, the bossy, the lazy (it’s funny to me that some of the contestants think they can come on the show and not have to work), the contentious, and the peacemaker contestants emerge. As expected, Trump draaaags out the boardroom scenes and his “you’re fired” decision. I definitely suggest recording the premiere so you can fast forward to the good stuff.

Are you excited about the new season of The Celebrity Apprentice? Do you think I’m crazy for liking the show? Talk about it below.

Where Have I Seen Them Before?

All The Middleman fans were excited to see Matt Keesler on Dollhouse. Keesler, who played the title character in the now cancelled ABC Family drama, was the man hunting Echo on Dollhouse.

Steve was the first to recognize Billy Warlock as the cop arresting Uncle Pete’s cronies on Damages. I’ll always remember Warlock as Frankie Brady on Days of Our Lives. He was also Eddie on Baywatch.

Dennis recognized Julian Morris as the man Megan met at Marco’s wedding on Privileged. Morris played Andrew Wade, Daria’s brother on ER, earlier this season. I hear if the show returns for a second season (please oh please oh please), he’ll be back.

Laura Benati is Ray’s wife on Life on Mars. She played Beth the woman engaged to Nathan but possibly in love with Eli on Eli Stone.

Ryan and Caroline were the first to recognize Mira Furlan was the painter Dina Risi on NCIS. She was Danielle Rousseau on Lost and Delenn on Babylon 5. Ryan also caught Tim Guinee, who we’ve seen this season as Gillian’s husband on Lie to Me, as Bart Lemming on NCIS.

Zuleikha Robinson was the woman escorting Sayid on the plane on Lost. She was Eva last season on New Amsterdam, Gaia on Rome and Yves on The Lone Gunmen.

Diane recognized Melinda McGraw as the politician’s wife on CSI. McGraw was Scully’s sister on The X-Files and we saw her last season as Bobbie Barrett on Mad Men. Remember she was the comedian’s wife who had the affair with Don. Diane also recognized Christa B. Allen as the victim’s daughter on CSI. She played the young Jennifer Garner in the movie 13 Going on 30 and we recently saw her on ER as the teen girl in an abusive relationship.

Sean Patrick Thomas was the secret service agent flirting with Ria on Lie to Me. He was Detective Temple on The District but I’ll always remember him from the movie Save the Last Dance. We’ll see him next week in the second season premiere of Reaper.

Karen recognized Tom Verica was playing Paul Aronson on that same episode of Lie to Me. He was Ed on The Nine, Jack on American Dreams, and Kyle many years ago on Providence.

Dennis caught David Eigenberg as the detective who had beaten up a suspect on ER. We know him as Miranda’s husband Steve on Sex and the City. And where hasn’t Wallace Shawn been this season? He was the mushroom loving patient last week on ER, the FBI agent investigating extraterrestrials on Life on Mars and Cyrus Rose on Gossip Girl.

Leonard Roberts also has been everywhere lately. We just saw him as a cop on ER. And last week he was the husband in couple’s therapy who was having an affair on Private Practice. Roberts was also D.L. on Heroes and Forrest on Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

Ask TV Gal

Amy what does your crystal ball has to say about In Plain Sight? Since Law & Order: CI is returning on April 19th on USA is In Plain Sight returning as well? Thanks, Ron

Good news Ron. In Plain Sight does return on April 19 as well at 10 p.m. on USA. Joshua Malina (The West Wing) joins the cast as a person Brandi meets in an AA meeting and Laura Prepon (That ’70s Show) shows up as a woman connected to Mary in a way the show isn’t telling us right now. There’s also a bevy of guest stars coming our way including Richard Schiff (Toby on The West Wing), Cynthia Watros (Libby on Lost), David Denman (Roy on The Office), Sarah Drew (Hannah on Everwood), Clarke Peters (Lester on The Wire ), and Liza Weil (Paris on Gilmore Girls).

I’ve been watching Eureka since day one and I would like to know if SCIFI has picked it up for another season and if so when will it premiere. Thanks, Barry

Barry, today is a good day. Because I can tell you that, although the exact air date hasn’t been set yet, Eureka will be back with new episodes this July.

Some Fun Links

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