michael emerson lost s6 320 2 I want your burning 'Lost' questionsA week away, “Lost” fans. Just a week away until Season 6. Just pray you don’t see a flash of light that sends you back to last June. That might be less than pleasant as you frantically scream, “I have to go back!” to strangers on the street.

As we enter this last stretch before our minds go ‘splodey and our noses go bleedy, I have an announcement and a request. First up, the announcement: starting next Tuesday, I’ll be hosting a live chat every week leading up to the newest episode of “Lost.” From 7:30-9 pm EST each week, I’ll be fielding questions, making predictions, and generally giving “Lost” fans a place to go in the ninety minutes before each episode airs. Since the chats are moderated, you won’t get spoiled minutes before air-time. Also, I’ll be drunk. On “Lost,” that is. (Are my Zap2it bosses gone? Whew. That was a close one.)

Now for the request: it’s high time to do a mega-edition of “Letters from The Flame,” my version of the reader Q&A. You ask, and I’ll answer. Pretty simple. While we’ve covered an enormous amount of material over the past few months, it’s clear that covering EVERYTHING would be impossible. I’m only human. Flesh and blood. A man. (Thank you, Human League.) So fire away with your queries.

Topics about which you might inquire:

  • Free will/destiny
  • The time reboot
  • The surfeit of supposedly “dead” characters potentially returning
  • How notLocke will interact with people
  • The Others/The Temple/The Monster
  • Dark horse MVPs for the final season
  • Who will be alive/dead/Arzt’ed by the series end
  • How you’re supposed to continue living once the show’s over

Topics that are off-limits:

  • The person that put the bomp in the bomp bah bomp bah bomp
  • The current whereabouts of Carmen Sandiego
  • The identity of the culprits that let the dogs out
  • What I’m gonna do with all this junk, all this junk inside my trunk

One more programming note before you ask your questions: over the next two days, I’m going to give you a comprehensive look back at everything we’ve discussed since Season 5 ended. All the galleries, all the series, all the important articles, and all my personal favorites will make one final victory lap before Season 6. It’ll be a celebration of the end of one phase and the start of another. After all, it only ends once. Everything else is just progress.

So fire away with your questions heading into Season 6! Leave ’em in the comments below, with a good, full-throated WAAAAAAALT! before each. No questions without a WAAAAAAALT get answered. Them’s the rules round here.

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Posted by:Ryan McGee