Getting that nervous twitch in your eye again? That’s probably because we’re down to single digits in terms of days left before the Season 5 premiere, a three-hour extravaganza containing a one-hour retrospective followed by the first two episodes of the season. Feel free to squeal, Lost fans. I know I just did. And trust me, it’s not every day that a grown man squeals.

A quick programming note: I highly encourage all of you to bookmark the Zap2It’s Guide to Lost Twitter page. During each episode, I’ll be Twitter’ing away, leaving real-time commentary as the action unfolds. I can see 15-20 updates per episode appearing on that page, so make sure you’re part of the conversation there.

In addition, I’ll be leaving up one "preview" entry on the night of each show. This preview entry will give you all a place to discuss the episode as it unfolds. Roughly one hour after the episodes air on the East Coast, my recap will be live over on the sister blog It Happened Last Night. In other words, we’ll have more Lost analysis and discussion than just about anywhere on the interwebs.

Later this week, I’ll be looking one last time at the "man of science, man of faith" dichotomy, and how it possibly relates to the mysterious meeting between Jeremy Bentham and Jack Shephard. Next week, I’ll be breaking down the Ten Best (and Worst) Episode Ever. That shouldn’t cause too much controversy or anything. And don’t forget: the We Have to Go Back Gallery is live! That’s a lot of Lost goodness, people.

OK, the plugs are over: now I want to hear from you. I want to know your burning Season 5 questions. Leave them in the comments below, and I’ll answer them later in the week in the last "Letters from the Flame" before Season 5 starts. You know the drill: drop a big ol’ WAAAAAAAALT before asking your question. Them’s the rules. The Oceanic 6 are fractured, the Island’s gone back in time, and the Widmore/Linus War rages on. It’s not as if there’s a shortage of questions to ask. So ask away!

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Posted by:Ryan McGee