ian somerhalder lost 320 Ian Somerhalder on the 'Lost' series finale: 'You're never going to make everyone happy'Ian Somerhalder is a busy boy. While filming the first season finale of his hit CW show, “The Vampire Diaries,” he actually flew to Hawaii for a few days to shoot scenes for the upcoming series finale of “Lost” as well.

Korbi TV caught up with Somerhalder who shared some of his thoughts on how the epic drama will end.

“Vampire Diaries” is done for the season. Sigh. We’re trying to focus on the silver lining, which is that we’ll see more of you courtesy of “Lost” next week. How crazy is it that that’s now just days away?
IS: Yeah, that’s one of the big reasons I’m in L.A. There’s a huge “Lost” event tonight, all the producers and the entire cast is here, we’re screening the episode, it’s going to be amazing. 
So you haven’t seen the finale just yet, but did you get to read the entire script? Or did they just give you the scenes you were in?
IS: No, I saw the script. The script is really cool. 
Do you think fans will be happy with the way it all wraps up?
IS: You know, you’re never going to make everyone happy. “Lost” is so complicated… I think a lot of people will be relieved at the way it ends, I think people will be irate at the way it ends. You can’t win. But [executive producers] Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse have spent six years telling amazing, amazing stories on this show, so it’s going to end the way that they want it to end, and they do love the fans.
Were you surprised at the way it all comes to a close? Did it make sense to you?
IS: Yeah, it did. Absolutely. And what was really amazing was the interaction that I had with some of the other actors on the show and how the characters’ relationships ended up. Playing Boone in a different light was fun and really, really gratifying. I was really just grateful to be there and be a part of it. All of us were there and it was truly one of the most amazing human experiences I’ve ever had, you know, watching my friends put an end to six years of phenomenal storytelling and growth, it was really, really neat. 
This is kind of a big week for you. 
IS: I know, it’s pretty crazy, shooting the finale of both of these shows at the same time — one of them, the finale of Season 1, and one of them, the finale of Season 6. 
Yeah, that’s intense. Really cool though.
IS: Yeah, I’m a very lucky boy. 
The “Lost” series finale airs Sunday, May 23 at 8 p.m. on ABC
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