ian ziering chippendales las vegas red carpet gi Ian Ziering makes Chippendales debut with 'Magic Mike' comparison

“Beverly Hills, 90210” icon Ian Ziering made his debut as guest headliner with the Chippendales all-male revue in Las Vegas, and he hopes the move will help harden his rep.
“Having the image, the blond hair and blue eyes, is a bit limiting,” Ziering tells Las Vegas Weekly. “I’ll be displaying more of an edge, and in a very sexual way. I’m hoping that will alter the focus and opinion of me from a lot of people.”
After posing and flexing on the red carpet in the signature Chippendales bow tie, Ziering made his debut alongside “The Amazing Race” Season 21 winners James Vaughan and James Davis. “I’m like ‘Magic Ian’ now,” he says.
Ziering’s “90210” co-star Jennie Garth wrote on Twitter that she plans to come check out her old pal as he gyrates on stage. Hopefully that won’t be too awkward — you know, seeing an old co-worker at their new job and all. Oh yeah, and him being mostly naked. 

Ziering says his wife Erin, the mother of their two young daughters, is behind him all the way in his new endeavor. At the age of 49, Ian is the oldest celebrity guest in the history of the Chippendales. Joey Lawrence and “The Bachelor’s” Jake Pavelka have both done stints of their own. 
Ian will perform at the Rio through the end of June.

ian ziering chippendales debut gi Ian Ziering makes Chippendales debut with 'Magic Mike' comparison
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