trucker lisa kelly 'Ice Road Truckers' Lisa Kelly goes glam!

Wearing a sexy black halter gown suitable for the Hollywood red carpet, “Ice Road Truckers” hottie Lisa Kelly sure looks like Emmy material.

Not that The Dish Rag is surprised. We could tell she was model gorgeous even bundled up in a parka and jeans, driving giant trucks along steep, scary, icy roads in Alaska on the acclaimed History Channel series.


She said of the photo shoot for Esquire, “That was fun, but it was very cold out.”
How does she feel about being a History Channel sex symbol?
“I don’t know what other people are gonna think,” she tells the magazine. “… It’s interesting to put a woman’s twist on ‘Ice Road Truckers’ and if that’s how I’m perceived, well, it’s not up to me.”
Kelly is currently shooting another show in which she and her fellow truckers haul cement — and sheep — across India’s Himalayas, which was quite different from the Alaskan mountains.
“It was just a cliffside. We have mountain driving here, but not a little road that goes higher and higher,” she says.
Even the darn trucks are different. “They’re not as big and not very powerful at all, which added to the danger factor,” she says. “We had an Indian spotter with us for safety’s sake and he ended up being more of a pain than a help — he was confusing me on the rules and making stuff up as we went along.” Red carpets are much easier, Lisa. Follow Zap2it on Twitter and Facebook for the latest TV, movie and celebrity news. Photo credit: History Channel