Marvel's depiction of the X-Men Iceman

An issue of “All-New X-Men” is making a major change to one very popular Marvel character. In the pages of “All-New X-Men” #40, which will be released Wednesday, April 22, it’s revealed that Bobby Drake — better known as Iceman, a character played by Shawn Ashmore in the movies — is gay.
Pages from the issue, which is written by “Powers” creator Brian Michael Bendis, have leaked online, showing a younger version of Drake being outed by Jean Grey in present day. In the current “All-New X-Men” story, the younger Drake has come from the past to help the team.
What’s interesting about the revelation is that adult Iceman is living his life as a heterosexual, something the younger version of the character doesn’t quite understand. “How can my older self not be, but I am?” he wonders.
That’s surely a question that will be addressed in future issues of the comic, before Bendis ends his stint writing “X-Men” in May. 

While he’s happy with the story being told in the comics, one thing Bendis doesn’t like is the fact that the pages were leaked. In a tweet, he writes, “i swear on my dogs, i wanted the issue to come out and just be. no press. no sensational headlines. no leaks. oh, well.” 
At least he can take heart in the fact that the attention the leak is receiving is largely positive, as is evidenced by the internet’s response, including a post he replied to on Tumblr.

Posted by:Chris E. Hayner

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