george clooney 'Idol' judge Simon Cowell's replacement: George Clooney, Elton John, Quincy Jones, Tommy Mottola?
The Dish Rag figured this weekend’s Golden Globes swag suites would  the perfect place to ask (okay, corner) celebs who they want to replace Simon Cowell as a judge on “American Idol.”
Their EXCLUSIVE TO THE DISH RAG suggestions ranged from the sublime (George Clooney, Ray Davies, Gladys Knight, Quincy Jones) to the ridiculous (Elmer Fudd?)
At the Madison & Mulholland suite, the still-sexy siren Joan Collins, 76, was picking out her Purple Jade jewelry when she revealed, “I want George Clooney to replace him. Why not? That man should be everywhere. He’s hunky, a darling and he needs to be seen as much as possible by as many women as possible. Other than him, me! I can be quite sarcastic, and I agree with everything Simon says anyway.” 

]]>“Melrose Place” star Thomas Calabro was perusing the Shaker vodka when he told us about his ideal replacement: “Elmer Fudd. He always has an insightful opinion on everything and he hasn’t worked a lot lately. I’d like to get him back on the air.”

Okaaay. We also asked Thomas about the upcoming season of “MP.” “It’s getting dirtier and dirtier each episode. Backbiting, wife/girlfriend swapping, the whole deal.  But I can tell you that Heather Locklear and I are having an affair. I want Jack Wagner to know it.”   
We talked to Catherine O’Hara at the Oh Canada Premium Gift Lounge as she was admiring Celeste Brunel’s Celestial Designs. “Simon. No one can replace him. I usually love him, except when he goes after some kind of physical issue — I don’t like that. But otherwise I love the guy. I agree with him every time. I hope they get someone who can do constructive criticism and who actually knows what they’re talking about, like him. He’s the only one that’s truly honest. No one can replace him. He’s irreplaceable.”
Then we cornered “Lost” star (and Globes nominee_ Michael Emerson, who was picking up a pair of New Balance shoes at the Access Hollywood Fourth Annual Stuff You Must Lounge, for his new judge pick. 
“I wish that Paul Lynde was still alive. He’d get my vote. I can’t think of anyone living that I’m anxious to see. Somebody with music-business cred. Not a Beatle, maybe Ray Davies from the Kinks. Maybe further back. Is Paul Anka still around? Frankie Valli? Those guys would be genius on there.”  
Also at Access, “The Blind Side” star Quentin Aaron was keeping up his 350-pound weight with some irresistible Hostess cupcakes. “Hands down Gladys Knight.  She’s a musical icon and she has the experience needed. She’s an Idol herself. I just love her. “
Hunky Gilles Marini, of “Dancing With the Stars” and “Brothers & Sisters,” chimed in at the same suite as he was trying out Palm Pixis and Flip cameras.
Quincy Jones would be great. He’s top of the line. Simon can be really nasty but he can get away with it. Actually Len Goodman (the head judge on “Dancing With The Stars”)  would be perfect. He can shift gears and go there — he’d be honest with them. It films just next door to ‘Dancing,’ so that would work.”
“AI” judge Kara DioGuardi, as she was perusing the Guess by Marciano’s handbags at Access, told us: “I’m still stomaching that he’s not going to be there. It’s got to be someone who’s an incredible character, who has a combination of music experience and is also great television. I’ve heard Tommy Mottola‘s name out there and Elton John’s. That’s what makes Simon so compelling. Not only has he captulated many people into stardom, he’s also so damn fascinating to watch. We’re all sad, though.”
The final say comes from psychic Kimberly Berg — dubbed the official “Idol” psychic after appearing on the show’s third season. She has a sixth sense about the sex of the new judge.
“I just know it’s a male who has a lot of feminine energy. He’s a good coach, a mentor who wants to positively affect the kids. He wants them to care about themselves and their lives, because this guy came from the streets and knows what it takes to make it happen: self-discipline. He wants to instill a sense of pride in each one of these people regardless of whether or not they are ‘winners’ on ‘AI.’ It’s not going to be Elton John, but there is another man that’s equally beautiful to him in spirit and ability to define what is needed out of these contestants in order to get the best from them. This new male has a great balance of masculine/feminine energy within him.”
Who’s your pick to replace Simon Cowell?
Reporting: Leah Sydney

Photo credits: WireImage