Attention, West Coast denizens and DVR users: It should go without saying that we’ll be revealing the results of this week’s American Idol vote below. But just in case, we’re saying it. Don’t read if you don’t want to know.

Wednesday’s American Idol results show kicks off with a Diana Ross/Supremes medley that includes songs like "Baby Love," "Stop! In the Name of Love" and "Where Did Our Love Go?" Given the repeated mangling of Ross’ songs that took place Tuesday night, that last one seems particularly apt.

Brandonrogers_americanidol6top12_24Seriously, I can’t think of a finalists’ performance show that was as uneven — OK, downright weak — as what this year’s top 12 gave us this week. Where this show would be without the likes of Melinda, LaKisha and Jordin, I shudder to think.

Maybe it’s the residual bad taste from Tuesday, but even the Major Automotive Sponsor music video (set — sigh — to Modest Mouse’s "Float On") seems flat.

Fortunately, the voters seem to agree that the competition needs those three women, as LaKisha, Jordin and Melinda all sail through to next week. A very chipper Ryan Seacrest quickly dispatches Brandon (not a big surprise) and Phil (a minor eyebrow-raiser; hey, at least he was on key) to the bottom three, but we have to wait a while to see if Haley or Sanjaya — who, based on last night, probably both deserve to be on the block — will join them.

Ross, who coached the singers this week, takes the stage for a live performance of her recent song "More Today Than Yesterday." She looks diva-rific and sounds pretty good too, but she and Seacrest get into a weird post-song banter where she just basically repeats whatever he says: "Your tour is coming up soon?" "Coming up soon." "Info’s on your web site?" "On the web site."

Eventually, Sanjaya joins Phil and Brandon in the bottom three. Phil gets a reprieve, leaving the background singer and the impressively coiffed teenager to face being the first one played off to Chris Daughtry’s song "Home."

The voters deem forgetting words a graver sin than missing notes, so Sanjaya gets to stay. Brandon is sanguine about his departure, saying he expected it after his gaffe last night.

That this week produced an all-male bottom three seems right, given the way the show has progressed thus far. And Sanjaya has got to be worried.

Your thoughts on the first Top 12 elimination? Did the voters get it right, or should Brandon have stuck around?

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Posted by:Rick Porter