idol brett lowenstern 'Idol's' Brett Loewenstern: Weigh in on the 'Light My Fire' performance“American Idol” contestant Brett Loewenstern says that he’s not going to stop being himself now that he’s on the show. “I’m embracing who I am,” says the big-haired singer before performing on Tuesday’s show with the Top 12 men.

Backed by flames that match his red hair, Loewenstern belted the Doors’ “Light My Fire” for the judges. Yeah, sorry, we’ve mentioned his hair twice, but we just can’t stop thinking about it. “That was like, more hair-tossing than me and Beyonce put together in the last ten years,” Jennifer Lopez quips. “You need a fan. You need a video, tomorrow. I like that you are who you are.”

“You brought it home, man! You are on fire. Nice going,” Steven Tyler says.

The newly critical Randy Jackson counted 14 hair shakes but wasn’t too impressed by the vocals, citing pitch problems. “You kind of got it together towards the end,” he says. “You’re definitely fun and definitely bold. You’re going to do whatever you want to do when you want to do it, so I appreciated that.”

The judges’ thoughts aren’t what really matters, though — yours do! Sound off on Loewenstern’s performance in the comments below. Will you be voting for him?

Posted by:Carina MacKenzie