Idris Elba.jpgWill “Prometheus” star Idris Elba be back for “Thor 2?” According to MTV, it’s very possible. A few days after the news broke that Jaimie Alexander would be returning to Asgard as Sif, we’re hearing that Elba might be back as Heimdall.

When he was asked about heading back to the Marvel universe, he replied, “‘Thor 2’ for sure. We’re going at it again!” Though he said he had yet to meet with recently announced “Thor 2” director Alan Taylor, he seemed pretty sure.

What he didn’t know is if Heimdall would make a cameo appearance in the upcoming superhero extravaganza “The Avengers,” saying he had yet to be approached. We’re not sure how writer/director/geek guru Joss Whedon could fit anyone else in, but we’re always happy to see Elba in anything.

“The Avengers” will hit theaters on November 15, 2013.

Posted by:jbusch