Filming for “James Bond: Spectre” is currently underway, and earlier this month we had the full cast reveal, which introduced newcomers Andrew Scott, Christoph Waltz, and Monica Bellucci. 

Daniel Craig will be donning the Bond tux yet again; this is his fourth James Bond movie playing the titular character.

The franchise’s producers are allegedly hoping to keep Craig for the rest of the decade, wanting him to appear in at least four more movies after “Spectre.”  

However, the rest of the world is beginning to speculate about what other actors might pick up the mantle. One of the internet’s top picks is Idris Elba, the British actor best known for the BBC series “Luther.”  
One of the fallouts of the recent Sony hacking scandal was a number of leaked emails between studio higher-ups, which discussed Elba as a possible James Bond.

Naturally this has led to a lot of speculation, and while most people seem in favour of Elba as James Bond, certain celebrities are less enthusiastic. 

 Rush Limbaugh has come under fire after making some tasteless, borderline racist comments on his radio show, where he claimed that Idris Elba couldn’t possibly play James Bond because he wasn’t “white and Scottish.” 
But clearly, Limbaugh is in the minority here. Countless fans have expressed their support for Elba on Twitter, who has responded with the following:

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