if loving you is wrong 101 edward esperanza 'If Loving You Is Wrong' series premiere: Say hello to TV's most despicable character

Move over Walter White, there’s a new danger in town and he comes courtesy of Tyler Perry’s new OWN series, “If Loving You Is Wrong.”

On the surface, how can you not love Edward (Joel Rush)? He’s a handsome cop with a gruff voice. But you can’t judge a book by its cover, now can you?

While no one in this new relationship drama is exactly a pillar of moral perfection, Edward gallops his way ahead of the pack with every passing second he’s on the screen. 

In one scene alone, he manages to be sexist, misogynistic, homophobic, and racist, without ever skipping a beat. To top it all off, his actions in said scene are defended by the series’ “good guy,” Brad (Aiden Turner), who explain that Edward “has a big heart… when he’s on your side.”

If he’s not on your side, then it’s somehow even worse, as seen with Edward’s ex-wife, Esperanza (Zulay Henao). For Esperanza, who’s just trying to move on into the next stage of her life as a single mother, Edward makes her life a living hell. Despite being remarried, Edward is possessive of Esperanza and takes time out of his busy schedule to stalk and harass her regularly. 

He even uses his power as a cop to pull over her new boyfriend and shoot him in the leg.

What did you think of Edward? Is he just misunderstood or is he in serious need of some karmic payback?

Posted by:LaToya Ferguson