Tinafey Palinfey

Need a good reason (another one, I mean) not to vote for Sen. John McCain and Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin?

How about to save Tina Fey ‘s life?

"If she wins, I’m done," Fey tells TV Guide. "I can’t do that for four years.  And by ‘I’m done,’ I mean I’m leaving Earth."

But that will not keep her from continuing to spoof the former beauty queen right up to election day. And with good reason. The New York Post notes that political impersonations can actually do in a politician.

"Presidential impersonators do influence elections, and in this one, Tina Fey is well on her way to ruining Sarah Palin’s political career," said Jerald Podair, a professor of American Studies at Lawrence University.

"Election time is always good for [‘SNL’], and this is a bonkers election,” Fey tells TV Guide in the upcoming issue with "30 Rock’s" Alec Baldwin on the cover.  And that lady is a media star.  She is a fascinating person, she’s very likable.  She’s fun to play, and the two bits with Amy [Poehler], that was super fun." 

So a few more weeks is doable.  But having to be Palin for the next four years would be a frightening full-time job.

So if you like Tina Fey, please, please, do her a favor: Do not vote for Sarah Palin.

Frankly, I think there may be quite a few folks who will follow Fey’s footsteps if Sarah wins.

How about you?

Anyone else thinking about leaving the country, if not the planet, if the Republicans win?

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Posted by:Elizabeth Snead