tigerwoods 290 If Tiger Woods goes to rehab, will you forgive him?

We don’t normally read X17 — not that there’s anything wrong with it — but this report caught our eye on Huffington Post and it’s originally from X17 so here we go:
X17 reports that golf champ Tiger Woods is attending rehab in Arizona. Word is that Woods’ “handlers” compelled him to enter a rehab because “they feel that if he blames his cheating on addiction, the public will forgive him.” 
If this turns out to be true, rehab for what? Would it be sex addiction?

]]>Or should it be for more than just sex? 

Another report surfaced in early December about Vicodin and Ambien use. There were also reports about his use of those substances on the night of the crash. So what’s the verdict? Can Tiger go to rehab and rehab his image?