two and a half men jon cryer charlie sheen 320 If 'Two and a Half Men' goes, what comes next? A look at CBS' comedy pilotsThe future of “Two and a Half Men” is, let’s say, cloudy at the moment.

If we had to guess right now, we’d say that the show, which is currently the most-watched comedy on TV, will be back in some form — with or without Charlie Sheen — for 2011-12. CBS will announce its lineup for next season in mid-May, which means the network, Warner Bros. TV, creators Chuck Lorre and Lee Aronsohn and Sheen have about two and a half months to figure out what happens next.

But what if the worst-case scenario for CBS happens and “Men” doesn’t come back at all?

Yes, the network would probably suffer some in the ratings — but it would probably also come out OK. CBS also has the No. 2 and 3 comedies in terms of viewers in “The Big Bang Theory” and “Mike & Molly”; both shows are also in the Top 25 this season in the adults 18-49 demographic (as is “How I Met Your Mother”).

Let’s say “Two and a Half Men” is done. It’s a safe bet that either “BBT” or “Mike & Molly” would take over the Monday-night anchor spot, which in turn leaves another sizable hole to fill. Does CBS have another big show in its current roster of pilots? Here’s a rundown of the comedy projects the network has in development, who’s making them and who, so far, has been cast.

“The Assistants”

Premise: Four assistants work to keep the lives of a celebrity couple running smoothly.
Cast: T.J. Miller (“She’s Out of My League”) as one of the assistants and Emily Rutherfurd (“Old Christine”) as the sister/manager of the female celeb.
Creative team: Tucker Cawley (“Everybody Loves Raymond”) created it; “Men” exec producers Kim and Eric Tannenbaum are also involved

“Herd Mentality”

Premise: Loosely based on the life of ESPN Radio host Colin Cowherd, who’s also a producer
Cast: No one yet.
Creative team: “Grounded for Life” (and “Hank”) veterans Bill Martin and Mike Schiff are the creators; the Tannenbaums are exec producers.

“Home Game”

Premise: A retired athlete adjusts to being at home with his wife and daughters.
Cast: Rob Riggle (“The Daily Show”) as the ex-jock, Constance Zimmer (“Entourage”) as his wife and Jenn Proske (“Vampires Suck”) as his eldest daughter.
Creative team: Warren Bell and Christopher J. Nowak (“According to Jim”) are the creators; former NFL player Mark Schlereth and his wife Lisa, on whose life the show is loosely based, are producers.


Premise: Family comedy centering on a man who takes in his daughter and her 12-year-old son, who join a household that also features his wife and his mother.
Cast: No one yet.
Creative team: “That ’70s Show” veterans Jackie and Jeff Filgo.

“How to Be a Gentleman”

Premise: A former high-school classmate helps an uptight man get more out of his life. Based on the nonfiction book by John Bridges.
Cast: David Hornsby (“It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia; he also created the show) as the lead character, Dave Foley (“NewsRadio,” “The Kids in the Hall”) as his boss and Nancy Lenehan (“Worst Week”) as his mom.
Creative team: Hornsby is exec producing with Ted Schachter (“Michael & Michael Have Issues”).

kat dennings gi 320 If 'Two and a Half Men' goes, what comes next? A look at CBS' comedy pilots“Two Broke Girls”

Premise: Pretty much what the title says — two young women trying to keep their heads above water in Manhattan.
Cast: Kat Dennings (“Nick and Norah’s Infinite Playlist,” “Thor”) and Beth Behrs as the title characters.
Creative team: Comedian Whitney Cummings and “Sex and the City” EP Michael Patrick King co-created it.

“Vince Uncensored”

Premise: After a medical issue, a man starts to say anything that’s on his mind. His family is not pleased.
Cast: No one yet.
Creative team: “Cheers” and “Terriers” veteran Phoef Sutton wrote it and executive produces with Conan O’Brien and David Kissinger.

Untitled Peter Knight show

Premise: Ensemble comedy about a group of young adults working their way up the corporate ladder.
Cast: No one yet.
Creative team: Peter Knight (Comedy Central’s “Krod Mandoon”) is the creator; Adam Sandler‘s company Happy Madison is producing.

Untitled Rob Schneider show

Premise: A guy used to being alone marries into a large Mexican-American family.
Cast: Rob Schneider (“Saturday Night Live,” “Grown Ups”)
Creative team: Lew Morton (“NewsRadio,” “Futurama”) created it; Schneider is among the exec producers and is drawing on his own experience.

Do any of those sound like a hit to you?

Posted by:Rick Porter