kennedys trailer scientology If you like this new 'Kennedys' trailer, you might like Scientology“The Kennedys,” History Channel’s rejected orphan of a miniseries, premieres on ReelzChannel in April. And though you almost definitely don’t know what ReelzChannel is, they’re trying their darnedest to whet your appetite with another trailer.

No new ground is covered in the lengthy spot — they’re still more or less portraying Camelot as a bunch of shady hoodlums and the costume designer is the only person involved who seemed to take this project seriously — but we do learn something…

The Internet is hilariously smart.

A bar of Google ads runs across the bottom of the embedded player, and in addition to offering up “Ask Not” John F. Kennedy graphic t-shirts (we’ll take three, please!), there’s a link to the official Scientology web site.

Because if you’re actually planning on watching “The Kennedys,” it’s probably because you sit a few rows over from Katie Holmes at Sunday services.

Posted by:Mikey O'Connell