but we must wait until Monday to know if Heidi and Spencer are coming back.

A funny tidbit I found out today is that Patti Blagojevitch's first charity choice said, "Thanks, but no thanks" to her "I'm a Celebrity" winnings. Haha. Full story here.

Tonight we join our celebrities in the Pratt debate. I have to say, I agree with the commenters who said that it's not fair that Heidi "quit" and got to be immune from the vote this week. Weirdly, Janice is sticking up for them, saying in an interview that she wants to try to reform Spencer. Frangela is very much against letting them come back, with Angela threatening to quit if they come back.

Daniel suggests they make some groundrules for the Pratts and if they break the rules, they have to leave immediately. Lou Diamond doesn't think you should get to act like a jerk and then get a second chance. He astutely says that they don't deal with "consequences" in their lives and maybe they should learn. Amen, Lou Diamond.

Before we find out what they decided, we get a montage of the Daniel Baldwin Effect. The women are just swooning all over themselves. Daniel doesn't like Torrie or Janice's work ethics. Shocker. He suggests that they trap rain water and Janice acts like he just figured out cold fusion with nothing but a stick and a rat carcass. There are some delightful confessionals featuring both Baldwin brothers. I bet that was a crazy house to grow up in.

Janice Hocking Loogies Montage. Frangela thinks something is inside her trying to get out. You know, if something burst from her chest and ran across the campsite like in Alien, I would not be the slightest bit surprised. It is pretty much grossing the hell out of everyone. Frangela wants to build "the projects" for Janice to move into. Heh heh, these two are hilarious.

Food Challenge. Two people from each team are competing and the clue to the challenge is "on your knees." Oh, the jokes. Too many jokes! Torrie and Patti are taking on Salley and Daniel. The challenge involves racing through a swamp to bring back blocks, then constructing a puzzle out of said blocks. There are 7 oddly-shaped pieces, so they only go back together one way.

The teams are neck-and-neck, but the puzzle pieces are spongy, so they get heavy when they're wet, which puts the girls at a bit of a disadvantage. Also, as they go along, a grid of bamboo gets lower and lower over the swamp until they are up to their eyeballs in the water. In the end, the teams finish right with each other getting their pieces, but the men get their puzzle back together first. Booo, c'mon women!

The co-hosts now tell us we get to vote on who goes head-to-head in the next food challenge. The phone lines open after the show. The challenge is escaping a giant Houdini case while you're shackled and the water rises. Oh, also? The water has alligators, lizards and snakes inside. Guh.

Janice "Borrowing" People's Things Montage. You know, Janice was so delightful the first two episodes of this show, but now she's reverting to form. There's the Janice I know and hate. Drama queen, self-centered, negative and inconsiderate. Throw in "falling down drunk and screaming" and that's how she is like 90% of the time.

The co-hosts remind us that someone is leaving tonight. They make it sound so dramatic and serious. Does the eliminated contestant get taken into the jungle and shot in the head? Is that a rule I am unfamiliar with?

We now join the hosts live at camp to find out all the results. First person safe is Janice and she seems genuinely surprised. Frances is also safe, so Torrie and Angela are in the Bottom 2. Before we can find out the evictee's identity, we revisit the Pratt situation.

Heidi and Spencer are sent to the Lost Chamber and Frances talking-heads that, "Spencer is going to come running out of there like a crying bitch." Heeee. Stephen then says that he's been baptized now and wants to change. Puh. Lease. Of course, we have to wait until Monday night to see if they get to come back or not.

There's a Final Dinner before one celebrity gets sent packing. It's almost as cheesy as the "fallen Survivors" walk they do every season. Everyone is acting like they're losing a family member for real. I'd love to go on a reality show like this sometime just to see if I succumb to the Stockholm Syndrome.

Finally we get some Results. I'm guessing that it's Torrie Wilson because I don't know why one half of Frangela would get a lot more votes than the other. And the first celeb leaving is… ANGELA. Wow, I'm surprised.  And bummed because Frangela are so funny together.

Ah well, we still have many ridiculous celebs to have jungle shenanigans for us. We fade out to the texting numbers for who we want to see compete in the food challenge. All you have to do is text the first name of your pick to 33088 or vote at NBC's website. I really hope Torrie Wilson is the female competitor, I feel like she's the only one who would have a chance of winning. See you guys Monday night!

Posted by:Andrea Reiher

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