, maybe not. Or we might see a sibling taking their place. I'm rooting for Holly Montag because Stephanie Pratt drives me bonkers.

After an unnecessary video recap of what we've all watched the past two nights, we join the hosts reminding us of the phone numbers to keep our favorite contestant. The lines are open again tonight.

The next morning at camp, everybody is appreciative of the campsite sans the Pratts. Janice gets the water boiling but the pot is heavy and she slops into John Salley's boots. It was an accident and Janice half-heartedly apologizes, saying that everything is wet. Salley keeps whining about it, like you're camping, fella. Suck it up.

The fighting then turns to shampoo (it seems to be that Salley wants to use Janice's shampoo to wash his clothes and Janice says she uses a bar of soap and doesn't want to share her shampoo). I happen to agree on that point, just use a bar of soap. You're camping. But John Salley starts having to get bleeped out because he really loses his temper at her. Janice is completely right in not wanting to be spoken to that way, but I'm sure she is trying on everyone's patience sometimes.

She cries in the confessional booth and Salley tells Lou Diamond that she brought it on herself. He says that he does everything for her and why can't he borrow her shampoo? Salley then interviews that he just got upset at her and he doesn't want to be that person anymore, the angry man with the potty mouth.

Salley takes a moment to meditate and then goes to apologize for calling her names. Janice is quite snotty to him, which is pretty crappy of her. I was with Janice right up until this point. She says, "How would you feel if someone called your daughters those names?" which is a good analogy, but if someone is sincerely apologizing, you accept it. Salley then cries in an interview. Geez.

In Pratt Land, there is a montage of the Spencer & Heidi shenanigans and the co-hosts tell us that the Pratts want to come back now. Sigh. Just when I think I'm out… they pull me back in!

Food Challenge. Janice doesn't go because she has "bronchitis." Hmmm. Just when I was starting to like you, Janice, you go and have an episode like this. Boooo. At the challenge, it is face-off time. In the face-off, the first person to grab a wooden star out of a hole in a rock wall is the winner of that face-off. However, in each hole are any variety of critters with the stars.

Salley vs Frances. They get spiders, which is what he's afraid of. After much wailing and gnashing of teeth, Salley pulls his star out. He delightfully trash-talks Frances the whole time, psyching her out about how bad the spiders are. Hahaha.

Torrie vs Lou Diamond get rats and the rats appear to actually be biting them, which is super nasty. Lou is forging ahead while Torrie can't even put her hand inside the hole. The girls SUCK at this, they haven't won YET. Ugh. The guys are up 2-0, but Lou is receiving medical attention for his rat bites.

Sanjaya vs Patti. They have water and some kind of fish, Patti easily pulls her star out, making it 2-1. Angela vs Stephen is cow dung and earth worms, that's nothing! Stephen smokes Angela, she can barely put her hand in. Weak.

Back to Sallely vs Frances, they get frogs. Frances won't stop screaming, I mean c'mon ladies! Salley gets it out, 4-1 guys win. Back at camp, they fill Janice in about the challenge. Lou Diamond, not to diminish his rat bites, says that he had to get a star because his dad did two tours in Vietnam and "saw some stuff." Hmm. I don't know that's exactly the comparison I would draw, Lou.

[puts hands out like scales] Two tours in one of the worst decisions in the history of world conflicts… reality tv show with rats… jungle warfare against people familiar with the terrain and with few scruples… going up against a large-breasted wrestling chick. Hmmm.

Back at camp, Daniel Baldwin shows up as a surprise new cast member! I loved "Dirty Sexy Money!" Then I realize that DSM starred William Baldwin and I am disappointed. Janice has her radar up because she's "never met the Daniel." Stephen doesn't seem quite as thrilled as he's trying to pretend.

We have to check in with the Pratts now, who are saying it's about the charity (you know, the ones they picked that don't need money) and how the Devil told them to get out of the jungle. Lordy. So if they come back and with Daniel, that evens the teams. Perhaps this was always the plan? I don't know.

In order to come back, they have to spend the night in the Lost Chamber alone together (the LC is where they were searching for stars last night) and if they can do it, the other castmates get to vote them back in. The celebs start to discuss it and we are done for tonight. Will Heidi and Spencer survive the Lost Chamber? Will the celebrities let them come back? Will Janice Dickinson jump Daniel Baldwin's bones in the jungle? Find out tomorrow, same Bat time, same Bat Channel.

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