Speidi is back in the Costan Rican jungle. Janice Dickinson and Daniel Baldwin too.

Just got off the phone with "I'm A Celebrity" co-host, Myleene Klass, who is very much looking forward to tonight's finale, during which Lou Diamond Phillips, John Salley or Torrie Wilson will be crowned king or queen of the jungle. 

Yes, it's almost over, my friends.

Doesn't it seem like just yesterday that Spencer Pratt was knocking water bottles out of Frangela's hand and telling everyone how rich and famous he is?

Myleene, being in such close proximity to the contestants, has a unique perspective on all of them, but there were a few people I was particularly interested in getting her take on…

Heidi & Spencer: "After they left [the jungle], they stayed at the hotel I'm staying at and I had a good old chat with them for about an hour or so, which I found quite fascinating. To have them away from all their management and their stylists and their PR, you get an idea of what they're really like. Being a Brit, I'm quite used to eccentric characters and they certainly fit the bill! There's a mad part of me that just really likes them because they're so… I think it's kooky you guys say. They're just so out there, it's funny."

Holly Montag, Heidi's sis: "I met Holly before she went in the jungle, she stayed at my hotel

for a few days. She's a really nice girl, very down to earth… There was a slight difference that I noticed [between Holly & Heidi], yeah [laughs]. I mean, look,

we've all got siblings or friends who have siblings. You look at

brothers and sisters and you think, did you really come from the same

mummy? They're very, very different. She loves her sister dearly,

that's very apparent, but at the same time, she's her own person and

she's proved that. Rather than just being Heidi's

sister, she is evidently Holly Montag. Although now she might just be


"Sanjolly," the unlikely pairing of Holly and "American Idol"'s Sanjaya: "It's been fascinating to watch, because everyone's had

their own ideas about Sanjaya and Holly, a girl from "The Hills," and

nobody necessarily saw that one coming. But it's a case of opposites

attract. A lot of people have said, you know, surely they must have an

agenda. You cannot have an agenda in the rain forest! 24/7, you're being

watched, and it's three weeks, so you do have to be yourself and that's

why this program is fascinating. You really get a true sense of who these people are. Sanjaya and Holly proved themselves [as competitors] but they've also proved

that romance can flourish in the jungle!"

Janice Dickinson: "What I admire about her is, every time I went into the jungle, everyone else would be begging me to bring food — obviously I never did because I'm not allowed to — but Janice always asked me for an eyeliner. That's one with her priorities right… I told her to get mixing with the old charcoal. There's charcoal in the fire. All you do is mix water with that. That's why, when people see them with makeup on, it's a case of them going back to basics. They're using the elements rather than their make up kits."

Charcoal, hmm? Will keep that in mind.

So, yeah, the finale airs tonight, and though Stephen Baldwin was apparently pregnant with some sort of larvae when he left camp last week, he is expected back this evening as well. Not positive about Frangela's plan, but I was told that everyone is supposed to return…

Anyone in particular you're looking forward to reuniting with?

And who would you liked to see crowned the winner?

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