It only seemed like the entire fanboy and -girl world was in San Diego last weekend for Comic-Con 2008. The rest of us were stuck in the real, less colorful (but also less congested) world.

If you’re looking to get a feel for the experience — aside, of course, from reading my Zap2it colleagues’ exhaustive coverage of the Con and checking out their photos from the convention floor — or pining to relive the long lines, wacky costumes and plentiful spoilers, NBC has your back.

The network has posted video from several of its panels — here’s the one from The Office, and here’s the one from Chuck, with Zachary Levi, Josh Schwartz and Co. in their Nerd Herd element.

There are also multiple interviews and other assorted clips, along with the usual swag and other network-related business, at the NBC Comic-Con homepage.

And, for your viewing pleasure, here’s footage from the Heroes panel, wherein Masi Oka, Ali Larter, Tim Kring and Co. soak in the adoration of a crowd that’s really geeked up for season three — even before they got a sneak preview of the season premiere.

Alas, the premiere is not included in NBC’s video — those of us who didn’t make the trip will have to wait till September. You will, however, see several minutes of vamping from writer/producer Jeph Loeb as he waits for the cast to arrive; several cast members shooting their own video of the event; an assortment of fawning questions from fans; and amusing hooting from the crowd at a guy who says he’s never seen the show. Enjoy:

Posted by:Rick Porter