bradley cooper sexy gi In defense of Bradley Cooper as People's Sexiest Man AliveListen, Ryan Gosling fans. We understand your outrage. We, too, feel it was Baby Goose’s year to take the title of People’s Sexiest Man Alive

But what’s done is done.
There’s no reason to rail against the actual title-holder, Bradley Cooper. Amidst all the Internet outrage (and very welcome pics of Gosling being his sexy self), we’re forgetting one important fact: Bradley Cooper is damn sexy. 
He now resides on a list alongside distinguished Hollywood luminaries like George Clooney, Brad Pitt, Matt Damon and no other members of Ocean’s 11. Why not let him have his moment?
Sure, we’d argue that 2012 might’ve been a better year for Coop, considering he has about a million movies coming out then. (Or like four. Either way.) And that this year was Gosling’s shining moment. And that Gosling wears more tank tops.
But, back to the point. Bradley Cooper is, in fact, quite dreamy. You can’t objectively argue otherwise once you read these reasons why:
1. He’s smart — he graduated from Georgetown, after all. He’s also really good at movie trivia.
2. He speaks fluent French. Don’t you remember the TV interview that surfaced a couple of months ago? Perhaps you forgot when you fainted from the sexy overload. It’s okay, we’ll forgive you.
3. He has sparkling blue eyes. We’d argue that they are just as dreamy as Gosling’s. Just peer into those baby blues and try to deny it!
4. You saw “The Hangover Part II,” right? Coop even looks foxy when he’s a sweaty, stubbly, hungover mess. It’s hard to argue with that.
5. He loves puppies too. Come on, Gosling doesn’t have the monopoly on loving dogs!
We’ll never know for sure why Gosling didn’t win. Maybe the official decision-making committee — we’re assuming this is a very important endeavor over at People — is over those “Hey Girl” photos. Maybe they’re still mad about the Gosling/Rachel McAdams breakup. Maybe they just didn’t want someone named Ryan taking the title two years in a row. 
But when it comes to the great SexyGate scandal of ’11, let’s not drag the innocent, sexy party through the mud. (Or, maybe do. That sounds hot.) Bradley Cooper is deserving of his title. Let him have it.
Posted by:Jean Bentley