The Norman trail ultimately leads to the Platte River Crossing on State Highway 454, where our builder-turned-junior chemist has rigged his first ever project with a healthy dose of nitroglycerine. To his credit, he does get Carl to confess that shoddy materials and a pressing deadline lead to the demise of the bridge, but once alone, Norman confesses to the camera that his way of designing and entire thought process in general will be the downfall of the remaining 25 bridges he’s designed. With that, he hands the tape to Marshall and activates the dead man’s switch. Marshall and Mary do their best in two wildly different approaches to talk Norman down from blowing the bridge… but to no avail. Boom goes the dynamite, and Norman is no more after a most spectacular explosion.

In other news:

  • Jinx is still (presumably) off in rehab, leaving Brandi with the very small family storyline of the week. She eats the ribs, much to Mary’s chagrin, and wants her help with Psych homework, but Mary is always too busy to help, leaving Marshall to answer on Mary’s behalf on the way home from Omaha.

  • Mary seems to be warming to Eleanor, having taken full advantage of the new office electric stapler. With that and a couple lines from Stan, that’s our entire involvement with the rest of the Marshal service.

What did you think? Was this a big enough Marshall storyline for you? Did you actually expect the Norman character to kill himself?

Posted by:Brandon Millman