) knocks on the door to ask Brandi to the prestigious Governor’s Ball — the social event of the season.

Brandi’s excited but terrified that he’s going to find out he’s way out of her league — particularly when she learns Peter’s a multimillionaire car dealer. But Jinx incredibly touchingly rides to the rescue, giving her a dress Brandi’s dad once bought her, and doing her hair and makeup — she looks stunning. After Brandi goes off for her big date, Jinx all but collapses, exhausted and sad — and she tells Mary she needs to make amends. She lost the letter Mary’s father wrote to her right after he left — but it turns out Mary keeps it with her. She also owes Mary a bottle of tequila — she found the hidden bottle, and threw it out.

What did you think? Is there hope for Jinx yet? Will Brandi end up with Peter? Is the Shannon family slowly getting their collective act together? And how much did you love Richard Schiff’s accent?

Posted by:Lisa Todorovich