fred weller mary mccormack in plain sight father goes west 320 'In Plain Sight': Mary and Marshall romance? Don't hold your breathAll those USA Network teasers for the third season premiere of “In Plain Sight” on USA Network have the show’s fans buzzing: What’s up for professional partners Mary Shannon (Mary McCormack) and Marshall Mann (Fred Weller) now that she is engaged to longtime boyfriend Raphael Ramirez (Cristian de la Fuente)?

Get in line, says McCormack.

“I know that the tension that was there at the end of the season when I became engaged to Raph is still there as of now,” she tells Zap2it. “It makes Marshall upset or melancholy that I am moving on with my life and committing to Raphael. But I don’t really know very much. With episodic television, unless you’re the show runner, you don’t really know where the stories are going.”

The hit USA series, which returns on Wednesday, Mar. 31, has a new show runner this season in John McNamara (“The Fugitive”), but McCormack says she hasn’t pumped him yet for news about what lies in store for Mary and Marshall.

And maybe she doesn’t want to know, given how the TV landscape is littered with shows that imploded (yes, “Moonlighting,” we’re looking at you) once the sexual tension between the two main characters, um, dissipated.

“I understand why fans want to know,” McCormack says. “I mean, everyone has had a relationship with a best friend or partner or co-worker that is really, really intimate but without that one section. Mary and Marshall are like a romantic couple without the sexual part.

“The timing of that stuff is crucial. I don’t know what would happen to Mary and Marshall if they ever admitted to having deeper feelings.

“Fred and I have talked about this, actually. I think there are mutual feelings, although I think he is in touch with them and she is completely blocked. He’s just healthier, so more aware of what he is feeling than she might be. But I do think there are feelings on both sides.”

McNamara says he’s still trying to figure out what may be in the stars for Mary and Marshall, though this prickly relationship is one of the reasons he wanted to do the show in the first place.

“Early on I came in and pitched a show about the day Mary and Marshall met — and not to give anything away, but they hated each other,” McNamara says. “That’s almost always a sign in life that you are going to end up with that person. This is a very strong friendship, but it’s incredibly complicated.”

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Posted by:John Crook