in plain sight premiere 'In Plain Sight' premiere: Mary's new life with baby Nora“In Plain Sight” returned for its final season premiere with a wonderful study in Mary’s life post-birth. She wants to cowboy up when her maternity leave is over but is required to undergo counseling because of the shooting before she can carry her weapon.

The little bundle of joy is Nora and she’s got Mary, Jinx and Mark to take care of her. Mary is struggling a bit with everything – she’s antsy to return to work, she’s not facing up to killing a man the same day she went into labor, and she’s an overly-protective mother. Would we expect anything less from the Mary we all know and love?

In the end, there’s a very touching scene where Mary finally admits to Dr. Finkel that she couldn’t give Nora away because she needed to protect her, in a way nobody else would have. It was also touching to see Mary so panicked at the thought of her mother leaving to be with Brandi (whose life has once again gone off the rails).

The case of the week was an interesting parallel, about a mother who let her work be the most important thing in her life, at the expense of her son. The actual details of the case were only peripherally important, but it was a nice dichotomy to Mary’s personal life.

Thoughts & Tidbits

  • Marshall’s car crash was pretty horrific. We were actually worried for a split second that perhaps the show had managed to keep it under wraps they were killing him off or something. The way the crash was shot was terrifyingly gorgeous camera work.
  • Stanley has a lover! How hilarious – that better keep popping up.
  • “Brockton Sr. founded Brockton Systems. They’re like Google, but, you know, if Google’s motto was ‘be evil.'”  – hee
  • How adorable is that baby? A chubby little ball of adorable.

What did you think, “In Plain Sight” Fans?

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