in plain sight 'In Plain Sight' You Ask, I Answer on the season premiere, Mary and MarshallYour questions, my answers on Wednesday’s (March 31) “In Plain Sight” season premiere.

We know the season won’t start with Mary dying. We’re not dumb, Mary’s gonna live, but is she going to spend the episode unconscious again? -P.B.

A gunshot wound and a coma ain’t no thing for Mary and won’t keep her down. Mary will be up and kicking major butt almost right away. The day she gets out of the hospital, she’s back on the job, trying to see if a witness (played by Donnie Walhberg) was involved in a hold-up.

When is Marshall going to tell Mary that he loves her? It’s totally obvious!!!!!!!!! -Kate

Marshall is dealing with an entirely different feeling regarding Mary in the premiere: Guilt. Marshall can’t get over not catching the guy who shot her, so he puts a great deal of effort into tracking him down.

Any good scoop on the “In Plain Sight” season premiere? -Tom

One of Mary’s family members finally starts to really question what Mary does for a living. You can imagine how well that goes over with Mary. But more importantly, that fight will set the groundwork for that character’s departure later in the season.

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‘In Plain Sight’: Mary and Marshall romance? Don’t hold your breath


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