So, “In Treatment“‘s first season played out last year and though it was a killer show, its schedule made it a little hard to follow. Detailing the life of a therapist and his sessions with several different patients, there was a new half hour on each day and my DVR almost exploded because of it. But I still watched it from start to finish because it was so damn good, and this season, HBO is helping us out by clustering the sessions together into just two days of the week.

Starting tomorrow, we’ll get an hour each Sunday (two sessions) and 90 minutes each Monday (three sessions). Gabriel Byrne of course returns as psychiatrist Paul. Dianne Wiest is back as the shrink Paul goes to with his problems. And as I first reported months ago, the show’s Emmy winner Glynn Turman will return as Alex Sr., the distraught father of a season one patient (Blair Underwood) whose storyline ended tragically. Alex Sr. and family will be suing Paul for malpractice, which will no doubt prove interesting.

As for Paul’s new patients, there’s an exciting lineup: John Mahoney (Frasier’s daddy!) will play a successful businessman with mounting life regrets and Hope Davis will play a former client of Paul’s who blames him for an abortion she says he encouraged her to have back in the day. Paul will also be seeing a little boy whose parents are divorcing and a young lady battling cancer from what I hear.

And there are other changes on tap this season. Our main character is no longer working out of his suburban home office. He and the wife did ultimately decide to divorce after last year’s trials and he’s moved back to New York where he did his training. I’m told there will be more location shots as the show embraces the city. And we’re going to learn a lot more about Paul’s backstory… what happened to him as a kid and why he’s better with his young patients than he is with his own children.

If you’ve seen “In Treatment” before, then you know why I’m so pumped for tomorrow’s premiere. But if you haven’t, please don’t let it stop you from watching one of television’s most fascinating series. You can jump in now and be good to go. So, please, will you???

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Posted by:Korbi Ghosh