Sometimes, you just really want a cheeseburger.

A man in New Castle, Indiana was arrested on Friday (Feb. 22) after he called 911 to ask for a cheeseburger. Sure, the police might have forgiven this one call, attributing it to a hunger that could only be sated with a cheeseburger.

But the guy called again. And again. In total, Gregory Jackson Sr. dialed 911 9 times before the police gave up and arrested the man.

As first reported by, Jackson, age 52, had a criminal history that may have contributed to his eventual cheeseburger-provoked downfall. A warrant for his arrest had been issued after the man failed to appear in court for a public intoxication hearing two days earlier.

In addition to this, Jackson apparently has an extensive criminal record, mostly due to alcohol-related charges. The New Castle police have not said whether alcohol was a factor in the cheeseburger incident, but that’s probably a safe bet. After all, sober people don’t spend 90 minutes calling the police for a cheeseburger. They just go to McDonald’s or something.

Posted by:Laurel Brown