“Inside Amy Schumer” returned for Season 3 with the most amazing “Friday Night Lights” parody featuring Josh Charles, who previously took part in the fantastic Aaron Sorkin sketch for the comedy show.

Charles plays the new coach of smalltown high school football team the Bronconeers and Schumer is Mrs. Coach — complete with fabulous Connie Britton arm wave, wine glass and hair. But Coach Thompson has a new policy for his players: No raping.

In the span of about three minutes, the pointed commentary manages to not only enumerate all the situations where rape is unacceptable (spoiler alert — it’s all the situations), but it also challenges the mixed messages of sports culture in general.

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During halftime of the Friday night game, Coach Thompson yells at his team, “How do I get through to you boys that football isn’t about rape? It’s about violently dominating anyone who stands between you and what you want. You gotta get yourself into the mindset that you are gods and you are entitled to this! The other team, they ain’t just gonna lay down and give it to you. You gotta take it!”

“Clear eyes, full hearts, don’t rape.”

“Inside Amy Schumer” is back with a bang, gang.

Posted by:Andrea Reiher

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