inside comedy showtime jimmy fallon 'Inside Comedy': Jimmy Fallon and Zach Galifianakis launch the Season 3 premiere“Inside Comedy” returned Monday (Feb. 3) on Showtime with an interview with Jimmy Fallon, who is about to leave “Late Night” for “The Tonight Show.” In an interesting bit, Fallon talks about how his version of “Late Night” became so wacky, known for its musical parodies and skits.

Fallon reminds us that when he took over “Late Night,” Jay Leno was on at 10 p.m., then Conan O’Brien was hosting “Tonight” and then Fallon was third. He says that after two late-night talk shows, the monologue had been done, the jokes had been made. So he had to start thinking outside the box and that’s when things like Fallon as Neil Young came about.

He also regales viewers with the story of how he got his start performing — it was for a radio contest when he was in high school. He did impressions for two minutes and made $700, which was a lot of money for 17-year-old Fallon.

The interview ends with Fallon quipping, “If history repeats itself, I could end up on a cable network in three months.” Here’s hoping that’s not the case.

The other interview for the premiere is with Zach Galifianakis, who is definitely a more offbeat comedian than Fallon. It was an interesting piece because Galifianakis is almost always “on,” being some kind of quirky, weird persona of himself. This time, though, he was just talking, which was refreshing.

Galifianakis also shares a really funny story about how he used to bring homeless people to his comedy shows.

“I started in the back of a hamburger restaurant in Times Square. … Stand-up comedy, I think, is always a desperate artform. You have to try to figure out where to go on, you can’t just walk into a club and go, ‘Hey, can I try to go on?’ You have to bring people. I didn’t want to bring any of my friends to a show, it was terrible. I used to bring homeless people to shows because you had to bring two people and I would meet these homeless guys and go, ‘Would you come? I’ll pay for your drinks, will you come and fake laugh?'”

Did you watch “Inside Comedy”? If you missed it, it reairs nine times this week. Next week’s episode features Jonah Hill and Alan Arkin.

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