instagram logo large Instagram, Netflix, and Pinterest all go down at once: Apocalypse to follow?If you have a totally awesome Friday night with your totally hot friends but can’t Instagram a single photo of your totally strong drinks (in their totally whimsical mason jars) to later pin to your totally curated “Summer Nights” Pinterest board… did your totally awesome Friday night even happen?

On June 29, a power outage in Virginia took down Amazon’s “Elastic Compute Cloud,” disabling a number of popular websites simultaneously. Severe lightning and thunderstorms, along with high speed winds, were the culprits.

Instagram was dead, so if Channing Tatum showed up to your screening of “Magic Mike,” you were probably forced to upload that pic sans filter. Netflix was down, so if you were spending a quiet night at home trying to relax (or procrastinate), you may have been forced to actually speak to your family members.

Pinterest posted a false “we’re upgrading our servers for the next 15 minutes” notice, probably so as not to panic the bridezillas-to-be and that super volatile Friday Night DIY crowd.

Luckily, within two hours — by around 1:50 a.m. EST — Amazon was reporting that the problems on their end had been solved. The sites are all expected to come back up shortly, so you can go back to viewing your friends through X-pro II and/or finishing up that “Sports Night” Season 2 marathon on your iPad.

Posted by:Carina MacKenzie