ashleytrainer survivorsamoa 290 Interview with booted 'Survivor' contestant AshleyThursday (Oct. 15) night on “Survivor: Samoa,” Ashley Trainer‘s torch was snuffed. See what she had to say about her experience there, including loving Shambo and being shocked by Evil Russell.

What were you up to before “Survivor”?
Before “Survivor” I actually just recently graduated from a private university and I literally left just a couple week later so it was perfect timing.

What did you think of your “Survivor” experience?
It was the best experience I’ve ever had, it was absolutely amazing. Best thing I’ve ever done, absolutely incredible.

Do you think Foa Foa can come back?
I’m hoping! I really really hope that Foa Foa can get it together and win some challenges. We’re dwindling, [Galu has] voted out ONE person. We are so far behind. The strong point is that we were so close as a tribe. Before I got voted out, we were in the shelter for four consecutive days and we got to know each other so well and I think that we’re strong as a team. I don’t know how Galu was, obviously, but I feel like that was our strong point.

Were you surprised about being voted off?
What happened was we were in the shelter and we’re talking about what are we gonna do, who are we gonna vote for, and I thought everybody was just going to vote for who they wanted gone. With my alliance, the plan was that we were gonna vote out Liz so when we said that I was like, “Oh I’m fine because everything’s been going according to plan so far.” But at Tribal Council I realized it was me, I realized from what they were saying that I was going to be next to go home.

Were you surprised by Natalie’s vote? You guys said you were like sisters. Did you at least think she would vote for Liz?
I was a little surprised, however it is a game and we have talked that if it ever gets down to it and we need to vote against each other for us to make it longer than that’s… we separated game life from real life and we’re going to be friends for life and that’s what she needed to do to keep the trust of Russell and Jaison.

Who are you rooting for?
On Galu I would say Shambo, I absolutely love Shambo. Oh my tribe, I would be happy to see Jaison or Natalie.. I hope Jaison or Natalie win, let’s say that.

How did you feel about the stuff Russell was doing behind everyone’s backs?
I. Was. Shocked. Russell was so good to me to my face, he was so nice to me! At home, I’m watching this going, “You’ve gotta be kidding me!” I’ve seen every season but I’ve never seen someone play the way he is playing the game. I thought he was a true ally to me and I’m disappointed with what he was saying behind my back, but it’s game.

You mentioned how much you like Shambo. Do you think she’s in pretty good shape if she can make it to the Merge?
I think so. From what we heard, she didn’t like her tribe very much and she liked being at our tribe. We always though that she’d be great for us if we all make it to the merge because she’d probably vote with us, but you never know.

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