cwingo screenshot cw Introducing CWingo, The CW's new (fun!) play along gameHere’s one way to make the winter hiatus a little more interesting: Play along when The CW introduces CWingo tonight, a new interactive game that will make those repeats of “The Vampire Diaries” that much more fun.

Basically, CWingo is a CW-themed bingo game played in real time along with your favorite shows, only instead of numbers and letters you’re looking for quotes, characters, actions and objects from said shows. Not that we’d suggest anything like this, but it also makes a great template for a drinking game. Hey, you could drink juice, or soda, or water! (But we’d recommend booze.)
Zap2it attended a demo of CWingo last night, and are happy to report that it’s quite an enjoyable way to spend an hour. Especially when you’re playing against a bunch of super competitive friends and you happen to win. (No big deal, but we were last night’s CWingo champions.)
Things might get a little more difficult if you’re watching an episode that you haven’t seen before, since you have to pay quite a bit of attention to your board to make sure you catch things, but when you’re watching a repeat (like tonight’s episode, “The Hybrid”) it’s not that big of a deal. Plus, as you get more and more used to playing as January approaches, it’ll probably be much easier to multitask.

We’re hoping The CW will eventually launch a feature letting you create your terms to put on the game boards, because checking off “silently brooding Stefan” would be insanely satisfying.
Are you going to check out CWingo tonight? Let us know what you think!

Posted by:Jean Bentley