intruders finale bbc america 'Intruders' finale didn't answer a whole lot of questions“Intruders” ended its first season with the appropriately titled episode “There Is No End,” as the Season 1 finale proved to act as a bookmark to what felt an eight-episode prologue. Whether or not the BBC America series gets picked up for a Season 2, it left off on a note that felt like the beginning of an intriguing premise.

The first season of the series moved slowly as it navigated the complicated mythology that serves as the basis for the multiple resurrections taking place among a secret organization known as the Qui Riverti. It really wasn’t until episode 8 that the viewer had any clear understanding of the motivations of Rose, Marcus, Richard, Jack and Gary, though even still there are a few story points that are unclear.
But that lack of tying up all of its loose ends is part of what gives “Intruders” its charm, in a way. At least Marcus was left behind in the afterlife in the finale as the surprisingly strong Madison managed to take control of her own body. But Rose is still keeping Amy away from Jack, Richard apparently had some sort of elopement planned with Amy that was never fully delved into, and Gary has yet to make his promised return.
As for Season 2, there are plenty of unanswered questions. What’s the deal the seeming resurrection of the man who Jack killed? And what about Richard telling Jack that he is now a part of Qui Reverti? Those could be enough of a hook to keep people coming back for more.
It really felt like “Intruders” used its first eight episodes to create a world that is only now a very fascinating place to populate. It’s a shame it took a full season to get to that point, though it makes sense that with the source material in Michael Marshall Smith’s book covered, series creator Glen Morgan can use Season 2 to sink his teeth into the world unhindered.
The question is whether “Intruders” gathered enough of a dedicated audience in Season 1 to warrant a second season. It certainly had a slow burn, and its complicated manner of storytelling would have made it easy to jump ship. Share your thoughts on the finale in the comments, and vote in the below poll about whether you’d like to see a Season 2.

Posted by:Terri Schwartz