phil dunphy iPad mania hits Hollywood's early celebrity adaptersHollywood is totally geeking out over the new iPad.

The iPad (Apple tablets) got a major PR boost on ABC’s “Modern Family” this week when Phil (Ty Burrell) wanted one for his birthday and his family desperately try to snag one the first day the gadgets hit the Apple stores.

And according to Access Hollywood, some celebs have been tweeting about their insatiable iPad cravings.

]]>“I will not buy an iPad. I will not buy an iPad. I will not buy an iPad. Okay, I’m tempted to get an iPad. Darn you Steve Jobs!” Jordin Sparks tweeted. Alyssa Milano tweeted annoyance that her iPad pre-order had been cancelled. “I ordered iPads for me, mom & David,” she tweeted. “Apple said: ‘we have limited amount available per customer. Therefore, this order has been cancelled.'” Of course, there was an iPad on the Oscars back in March. And this week, David Letterman read his Top 10 list off an iPad. Later in the show, “Clash of the Titans” star Sam Worthington used it as a coaster for his coffee mug. Bloody Aussies. Full disclosure: The Dish Rag was at the Apple store in the Beverly Center early Saturday morning and there was a line for people wanting to buy or check one out and another line for the smartie pants (like me) who had reserved their iPads online (two per customer) and had to buy them before 3 p.m. or lose them. But the turnout was nowhere near the lines (we’re talking around the block) for the first iPhones. How about you? Did anyone get one today? Are you psyched? Can we come over and play with yours? Follow Zap2it and  Facebook for the latest celeb news and buzz. Photo credits: ABC, Apple

Posted by:Elizabeth Snead