phil schiller iphone 5 iPhone 5 announced: A new dock connector and a larger screenOkay, geeks, it’s arrived! Apple announced the forthcoming iPhone 5 on Wednesday, with a few key differences from the phones we’ve seen before. For those of us who aren’t particularly technologically inclined (what is LTE?) here are the basic details you need to know about the phone that just made your 4S obsolete.

First of all, there’s a new cord. iPhones have always used the same 30-pin dock connector that iPods use. This is where you charge the phone, how you connect it to speakers and docks, and more. The new iPhone5 will use a different, smaller dock connector, which they’re calling “Lightning.” In order to connect the iPhone 5 to your old accessories you’ll need an adapter, which Apple will sell separately.

More big news? The screen will be larger! The new iPhone will have a 4-inch tall display, as opposed to the previous 3.7-incher. (The width will remain the same.) You’ll fit more icons on your home screen. Old apps that don’t use the full height of the screen will be “letterboxed” — meaning there will be black bars on either side of the screen, like when you watch an old movie on a new TV.

The cameras have also been improved; most notably, the front-facing camera is better quality and the new version has three microphones — all the better to hear you with, my dear. The processor and 4G LTE make the phone faster than previous models. The new version boasts an 8 hour battery life for 3G and LTE talk, while if you’re just using WiFi it’ll last for 10 hours.

What do you think, tech fans? Time to trade up?

Posted by:Carina MacKenzie