iphone 6 fingerprint scanner rumor iPhone 6: Fingerprint scanner next step for Apple?It happens every year. Rumors start flying about what Apple is going to do to one-up themselves. The iPhone 5 arrived last year, and while selling well, it’s also receiving it’s fair share of criticism. The phone didn’t deliver the big steps in innovation people were hoping for.

By the time of release, though, Apple was already looking toward their next phone. With increased competition in the smart phone market, Apple can’t afford to rest on the iPhone name alone. The Android audience is constantly growing larger, due to being on a vast number of phones, and Apple needs to evolve their phone, or they could eventually be left in the dust.

The biggest rumor at this point is that the iPhone 6 will integrate a fingerprint scanner. That technology would make your fingerprint serve as your password. Rather than punching in a four-digit code, the phone would scan your fingerprint for identification purposes, possibly using a reworked home button.

The Huffington Post reports that this rumor first popped up after Apple purchased a fingerprint technology company in July 2012. Now, respected Apple Analyst Ming-Chi Kuo believes the next iPhone will be the one to first implement the feature.

There’s also the standard rumors you get whenever a new Apple product is on the horizon, from larger screens, to faster processors. With one of Apple’s biggest rivals, Samsung, releasing the Galaxy S4 this year as well, it’s time for the iPhone to take it’s next leap forward.

Analysts expect the new iPhone to be released this summer.

Posted by:Chris E. Hayner

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