kardashian wedding e iPhone, Kim Kardashian and Lady Gaga among most searched terms for 2011While Facebook’s most-shared articles of 2011 were Kardashian free, the same cannot be said of the top searches through Yahoo and Ask. The firms released their most frequently looked up items of 2011, and they were both pop-culture heavy.

The Yahoo list featured six pop culture items, with Kim Kardashian coming in third. However the reality star with the now infamous 72-day marriage to NBAer Kris Humphries could not beat out Casey Anthony or the inanimate iPhone, which came in first. The only male to make their Top 10 was Osama bin Laden, who was killed in a Marine raid in May.

Because Ask.com uses a natural language search, their questions are more detailed and often quite amusing. For example, coming in at #3 was “Are Lady Gaga’s face implants real?” This is curious because we’ve never heard the term “face implants” before now. Also there’s still speculation that Kim Kardashian’s wedding was a ruse. This is the reason behind their #1 search question “Was Kim Kardashian’s wedding fake?” And who could overlook the seventh-place finisher “Is Selena Gomez pregnant?”

Kids ask the darndest things.

Here’s the two lists.

Yahoo’s top searches of 2011
1. iPhone
2. Casey Anthony
3. Kim Kardashian
4. Katy Perry
5. Jennifer Lopez
6. Lindsay Lohan
7. American Idol
8. Jennifer Aniston
9. Japan earthquake
10. Osama bin Laden

Ask.com’s list of top celebrity search terms and questions for 2011
1. Kim Kardashian: Was Kim Kardashian’s wedding fake?
2. Justin Bieber: Is Justin Bieber going to be a dad?
3. Lady Gaga: Are Lady Gaga’s face implants real?
4. Beyonce: Did Beyonce fake a baby bump?
5. Kate Middleton: Who made Kate Middleton’s wedding dress?
6. Ashton Kutcher: Did Ashton cheat?
7. Michael Jackson: Was Michael Jackson murdered?
8. Selena Gomez: Is Selena Gomez pregnant?
9. Lindsay Lohan: Is Lindsay Lohan going to jail?
10. Charlie Sheen: What happened to Charlie Sheen’s teeth?

Posted by:David Eckstein