Iron Chef Cat Cora and her partner have figured out a way to maximize their birth output.

The Food Network star and her lesbian partner Jennifer are both pregnant with due dates only three months apart, it was announced Monday, March 9. The couple already has two sons Zoran, 5, and Caje, 23 months, together.

“Jennifer and I are thrilled to go through the wonderful experience of pregnancy together. We started the in-vitro process [five] years ago,” says Cora, 41, in a statement. “This has been a miracle for us and we’ll now have [four] beautiful children.”

This is the first pregnancy for Cora, who is due in July. Her partner Jennifer, 37, delivered their first two sons and is also currently pregnant with a boy, due in April.

All four boys have the same sperm donor, so they are biological brothers.

Keeping track of their maternal lineage is a little trickier since at some point each woman has carried the other’s child in a unique surrogate arrangement. Zoran and the baby Cat is carrying come from Jennifer’s eggs, but Caje was the result of Cat’s eggs. In Jennifer’s current pregnancy, both women’s embryos were transferred, so it’s not clear if the child she is carrying is her own or Cat’s.

They don’t plan on conducting a DNA test to determine the baby’s biological mother.

Cora is a third-generation restauranteur, the only female Iron Chef on Iron Chef: America and the executive chef of Bon Apetit.

Your thoughts on the women playing surrogate for each other? Is this too confusing?

Posted by:Hanh Nguyen