olivia munn getty 'Iron Man 2' guest star Olivia Munn: 'I did two different roles'Olivia Munn, host of G4’s “Attack of the Show!”, has a cameo in “Iron Man 2,” but the role changed from what it originally was. She tells Zap2it about the two different parts she filmed for the movie.

“I did two different roles. One is going to be on the DVD and then I came back and did this role, Chess Roberts,” Munn explains. “She’s a journalist in the Marvel world. The other one on the DVD isn’t. I’m an L.A. party girl who was hanging out with Tony Stark, they were kind of hooking up, I guess you could say.”

Director Jon Favreau tells MTV, “[Olivia] did a very funny comedic take on a girl that [Tony] was with at his birthday party … But the way the scene went down, that part of the movie didn’t want to have comedy … started to bump tonally. As a scene it was great, but when we put the whole movie together, that’s one of the things that happens … but we called her up and said, ‘There’s another thing that we’re shooting now, we’d love to have you in the film.'”

“Iron Man 2” opens nationwide Friday, May 7.

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