iron man 3 poster marvel 'Iron Man 3' poster teases destruction, romance and the Iron Legion

Now that the Iron Legion has been revealed in “Iron Man 3,” there’s no hiding it. The latest poster Marvel has released for the upcoming movie shows Iron Man’s army flying into the sky, while a battered Robert Downey Jr. as Tony Stark and Gwyneth Paltrow as Pepper Potts stare at the destruction surrounding them. Don’t they make an adorable couple?

This poster comes after the recently-released “Iron Man 3” trailer. That teaser played up the threat of Ben Kingsley‘s The Mandarin and also gave a great tease of Iron Man’s new iron-suited allies.

Director Shane Black recently opened up about The Mandarin and his background. During an interview with MTV News, Black said that Kingsley’s character “represents every terrorist.”

“[Mandarin] has an intelligence background. His nationality is not even clear because he’s shrouded in secrecy, but at some point, this field officer went nuts and became a student of warfare and ancient Chinese symbology and drew from South American insurgency tactics and has created around himself this little world of warfare,” he said. “The only unifying principal of which seems to be a hatred of the United States, so he represents every terrorist, in a way. But specifically, he’s crafted himself in the manner of the Mandarin, of a warlord.”

“Iron Man 3” is due out on May 3.

iron man 3 poster full marvel 'Iron Man 3' poster teases destruction, romance and the Iron Legion

Posted by:Terri Schwartz