in the fall, a high school tennis champ with a movie star pops who possesses “Clooney-esque” charm. I didn’t think much of this at first, but a friend just floated me the audition material for this kid and, I must say, I already kind of want to make out with him.

In the scene I read, Teddy is one-on-one with Silver, who he manages to keep on her toes. He seems funny, smart, sweet, not over-the-top, yet not underwhelming. He calls her out during their little chat, but in a laid back, non-threatening sort of way. And with a smile.

I mean, who knows, maybe I’m being stupidly optimistic. Maybe this kid will fall sort of flat like so many of the other boys on the show. But I’m telling you now that there is hope. 

At this point, I believe The CW and the “90210” producers are still auditioning a slew of dude actors for the role and this is obviously a key part to the puzzle. But I caution the casting team, don’t get caught up in pretty faces who can simply deliver a line sufficiently. Teddy must possess something special. After all, guys like Jason Dohring, Taylor Kitsch and Ed Westwick are not traditionally handsome men. But their charm and humor elevates their sex appeal to a whole ‘nother level. Of course you can’t drop the ball on the dialogue you’re writing for this character either, that’s perhaps the most important part of the equation. So, yeah, I hope you guys are adding a smart new scribe or two to your staff this summer as well.