Arnoldschwarzenegger Will Arnold Schwarzenegger really — as he famously warned in the original "The Terminator’ —  "be back"?

Could be. Rumor is the former action hero turned California governor may resume his big-screen movie career. Albeit briefly.

Hey, the political career didn’t work out all that well, now that the state is, for all intents and purposes, in the red. That’s a lot worse than bad box office.

Rumor is that Ahnuld may do a cameo in his old pal Sly Stallone‘s upcoming film, the aptly named "The Expendables,” which also features the Comeback Kid, Mickey Rourke.

Now that the budget is settled, the governor has confirmed his role in the movie to George Stephanopoulos. Schwarzenegger told him about his conversation with Stallone about an upcoming cameo in “The Expendables.”

Stephanopoulos asked  if he would make movies again when term limits oust him from office in 23 months.

The man of action said he hadn’t really thought about that. Well, maybe he should.

Check out Andrew Malcolm’s item on Top of the Ticket for more insider information about Ahnuld’s role.

But is it really art imitating life? Sure sounds like it.

Do you think Arnold should make movies again?

Will you pay to go see him after he flubbed up California’s financial situation? Should he pay us?

Photo: WireImage

Posted by:Elizabeth Snead