beauty and the beast the cw kristin kreuk Is 'Beauty and the Beast' worth a second shot? Weigh in on the premiereThe critics were quite harsh on The CW’s new “Beauty and the Beast,” starring Kristin Kreuk as a New York City cop and Jay Ryan as the single-scarred, genetically modified Beast who watches over her. But now that the premiere has finally aired, the verdict is in the viewers’ hands. What did you think of the new drama?

This is The CW we’re talking about, so it’s no surprise both leads are drop-dead gorgeous. Yes, it’s a double standard to not believe attractive women as law enforcement agents but be totally cool with attractive dudes as ex-military, but did you believe Kreuk as a cop?

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Ryan is definitely intense (and also very hot), but without a real physical malady, did you believe him as a Beast? He’s more of the broody-type Beast, not the hairy-type Beast.

The pilot set up the show’s central mysteries — for Catherine, trying to find out who murdered her mother and why, and for Vincent, trying to take down the nefarious corporation that turned him Beast. What did you think of the mythology?

What’s your verdict on “Beauty and the Beast”? Were the cast and storylines everything you hoped for? Will you tune in again? Why or why not?

Posted by:Jean Bentley