Is Britney Spears dating beneath her station? And, in her case, how is that even possible?

According to Life and Style magazine, Britney is now dating a waiter named Michael Marchand, who works at Mirabelle restaurant in West Hollywood.

Hey, it’s one step up from dating your backup dancer.

10m 2 Britney's special order: "I'll have the waiter. To go."But waiting tables is only Marchand’s day job. He’s also got a few credits on Click HERE to see his resume and photo (at left). I’m sure he’s really smitten by Britney because, gosh, who wouldn’t be? Her driving skills alone are to die for. There is no way this waiter isn’t secretly thinking, "Hey, this could be good PR for my acting career."

Britney is not the first star to fall for a man who knows how to wait on a gal, take a drink order and make sure there’s bread on the table, even if he’s not the main bread winner.

In 2004, Mira Sorvino married Chris Backus (12-14 years her junior). She’d met him when he was working at Sur on Robertson Boulevard. The couple got hitched hurriedly but later married in full Armani regalia. They now have two children.

Oh, Backus is not just a waiter anymore. He’s been seen (freeze-frame may be necessary) on "The OC" and "Will & Grace." Which is more than we can say for the actress, who has been resting on her Oscar laurels for "Mighty Aphrodite" for a decade.

On the downside, Jennifer Lopez met her first husband, Ojani Noa, in a Miami restaurant. They were married in February 1997, but divorced less than a year later. In 2002 she made him manager of her Pasadena restaurant, Madre. But she fired him six months later.

For some actresses, cameramen hold more more appeal than waiters. Anne Heche didn’t fare so well with her marriage to Coley Laffoon, a cameraman who had worked on a documentary about Celestia’s then-love, Ellen DeGeneres. But Julia Roberts met her slightly younger cameraman, Danny Moder, on the set of "The Mexican" in 2000. So far, so good. The couple wed in 2002 and now have three kids.

Of course, who can forget the Godfather of "servile studs," Rob Camilletti, the infamous pizza boy Cher dated for three years back in the ’80s. And spurning extra sausage and cheese for Cher turned out to be a smart career move. Check out Camilletti’s credits by clicking HERE. Dude’s still getting acting jobs! But can he still deliver?

Photo credits: Put down the backup dancer, Britney. Waiters are much more fun.
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