""Twilight" star Robert Pattinson braved the screamingly loud red carpet at last night’s L.A. premiere and may have suffered long-term hearing loss.

"I left my brain at the door. It’s completely insane. You never expect it. … I’m completely deaf!," he told MTV.

Although he dutifully posed with co-star Kristen Stewart on the carpet (above), Pattinson was seen at the post party with none other than actress Camilla Belle (left), recently rumored to be dating younger man Joe Jonas. But there was no sign of Joe with her on the red carpet or the after-bash.

Jonas and Belle were photographed together on the beach in Cabo San Lucas on Nov. 9.

Read more about Camilla and Joe here.

Has Camilla dumped Joe for Rob? If so, can you blame her?  Maybe Taylor Swift can start doing the Gloat Dance right about now.

But wait. All may not be as it seems.

Seems Camilla is rumored to be dating Pattinson’s good pal, actor Tom Sturridge.

So did she dump Tom for Joe? Or Joe for Tom? And why wasn’t Tom at the premiere with Camilla last night? Why was she  hanging not with Tom or Joe but with man-of-the-media-moment, Rob?

It’s a mystery. Anyone out there got any ideas what’s really going on? This is important, people!

To see a photo of Camilla with Rob at the Hollywood Awards, keep reading.

Is there chemistry between them?  You decide…


Well? Your thoughts?

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