country strong gwyneth Is 'Country Strong' actually a cleverly disguised satire?

Originally pegged as awards bait, its becoming clear that Gwyneth Paltrow‘s “Country Strong” will likely slip by with little more than a few nods to the original music. But does that mean the film is a wash? Hardly. It just might be 2011’s first sleeper comedy.

]]>Jezebel suggests, this is a scene from the beginning of the movie, before her drunken antics get her sent to rehab, it most certainly has to be a joke:

This does nothing for country’s cred. It embodies every hilarious cliche about pop country music. Sing-song rhymes, frenzied tempo, booze references, out-of-place patriotism… all present. It actually reminds us of another tune we recently heard. And by “tune” we mean dead-on spoof of a grossly commercial TV jingle, Jane Lynch‘s “Saturday Night Live” take on Faith Hill‘s “Sunday Night Football” intro.   

Awfully similar, but then again, so is the original. And Kelly Canter is sort of a Faith Hill, only with a drug problem. They even share a love interest in Tim McGraw. As much respect as we have for Hill, no one could convince us that she doesn’t cringe every week she has to record a different version of this gem:
Are we alone in thinking this movie is starting to look ridiculous?

Posted by:Mikey O'Connell