dane cook getty Is Dane Cook quitting stand up? 'I respect the art form so much,' he saysDane Cook‘s latest venture into the acting world is not “Good Luck Chuck” or “Employee of the Month.” He’s scored the lead in “Answers to Nothing,” an ensemble film that also features Julie Benz and Zach Gilford.

Cook tells the Los Angeles Times that he’s put the funny fare aside, at least for now — so don’t expect to see him on the stand-up stage any time soon.

“I don’t want to say I’ve retired, but this is an important time to shift
my energy into something new,” he says. “If I’m going to gonna do stand-up
again — I respect the art form so much, it’s glamorous to me — and if I
partake in it again, I want to feel like I’m lending something to it.”

As for the gross-out comedies he really shouldn’t have chosen to do… Cook admits he was just trying to make a buck.

“Trying to pay the rent at that time in my life wasn’t easy, and we all
want nice things,” he says. “You allow yourself to do those things
because you say, ‘Well, if Michael Caine can do “Jaws 4″ ….’ But there’s been some steps along the way I had to take to realize what I shouldn’t do.”

Cook is currently promoting “Answers to Nothing,” and he hit “The View” on Thursday morning, where Joy Behar accidentally introduced him as “Dana.” Whoops.

Posted by:Carina MacKenzie